Setting up a yoga space in your classroom!

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Setting up a yoga space in your classroom!

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Setting up for yoga in your classroom can be tricky depending on the size and the space you have. One thing I know for sure is that to be a great teacher you must be flexible. It is paramount for your students to see you model this throughout the year. “I am sure we can work it out” was one of my go to phrases when classroom teaching and I loved it when I heard the kids repeating this phrase during group work. Kids are always watching and listening to us and it’s our responsibility to help them learn positive habits and mind sets along the way. 

As a teacher I always liked to get the kids involved in decisions regarding the classroom as it ‘our space’ not just mine or theirs. Sometimes this meant that the seating arrangentmns for example didn’t work out but it was great to then sit down and have an open discussion with the kids about what is and isn’t working. Kids are great in that way, they love being part of the discussion and given responsibilities. Of course, this is not always the case, or even possible but building up relationships with your students through trust should be one of our highest priorities.

So this brings me to “How to best set up the classroom for Online Yes2Yoga Lessons.”  

Firstly sit down with the kids and have a discussion. Question ideas..

–       How are we going to set up the classroom ready for yoga lessons?

–       What sort of space do we need?

–       How are we going to do it safely?

–       Who is going to move the furniture (if in the classroom) and how do we do it safely? 

EG: Maybe if yoga is first thing after lunch, we could have a team of kids set up during eating time or at the start of lunch?)

–       How much space do we need around us? (Spacial awareness)

–       Are we using mats? Who will set them up and how far away from each other?

–       What are the rules during yoga?

EG: how do we make sure everyone is able to hear and get the benefits etc?

–       What if someone is not allowing others to participate fully in the class?

–       How will we reflect to see if the yoga sessions have helped us? How do they make us feel etc?

After building your ‘Yoga Rules’ display them and reflect on them before each session. It will only take a couple of minutes and will usually guarantee your students are all taking responsibility for their own behaviour and consequences. This way you are all on the same page to get the most out of your Yes2Yoga sessions. 

If you are able to purchase some mats for yoga this would be ideal but they are NOT required to run a successful program. You could share the mats across the year levels, keep them in a communal space for all to access. You can buy yoga mats for approx $6 at places like Kmart. You can cut them in half for kids to use or even into 4 pieces for a structured space for each child, especially the younger grades. 

Just remember to repeat “We can work it out” and enjoy the program, no matter where/what your yoga space turns out to be!!

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