Why I teach Kids yoga series. #1

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Why I teach Kids yoga series. #1

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In this series I will be sharing some insights into my yoga sessions and why I continue to teach yoga to kids. Many think that Yes2Yoga sessions are just yoga poses but they are so much more. The poses are just the start.….

After a huge yoga session opening up our hearts we took our new animal guides (small toy animals) to a quiet place. It was within the space but well away from others. I asked the kids to think about something they have never told anyone before. Something they wish they could but felt that they couldn’t for some reason. It could even be something that they felt sad about or something they said to someone that they now regret. I was amazed at their eagerness to get started. 

I watched these kids all go off and spend at least 10 minutes talking quietly to their animal guide. Their little faces showing a range of different emotions. Getting everything off their chest that they had been holding on to. I asked them to then hold their animal guide close to their heart and close their eyes. To listen very carefully and use their imagination to hear what the animal guide would say if it had a voice. This is a very powerful exercise as this is when their intuition, spirit, god, universe, subconscious, inner self (what ever you want to call it) speaks to them and it always has something very profound to say! 

Some of the kids shared what their animal guide said …. 

“My guide said to me that I just made a mistake because I was feeling angry and didn’t know what to do and I should just forgive myself’ 9yrs old. 

“My animal guide said that it is ok and I am just learning about life and just to keep trying my best and that they love me” 8yrs old 

“My animal guide said that I can tell my mum the secret and she won’t get mad, she will understand and if she gets mad it’s just because she loves me and wants me to be safe and behave myself” 9yrs old. 

What tha!?! We all need to get things off our chest and listen to our inner self more often. Not the mind whose main job is pretty much fear, doubt and judgement. These kids now have an animal guide that they can forever tell their secrets to and get guidance from the very the best part of them, their inner voice, the real them! It’s times like these that I know I am in the right place at the right time

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